Keith Berr Productions

I’ve worked so many clients over the years but my favorite clients are those that need my help the most. I would like to address as my best ever client is Keith Berr. Most of his projects are more creative and I have learned many techniques while working with him which i really don t know. Keith Berr inspired me to think out of box to achieve something new.

Keith Berr is an award-winning commercial and fine-art photographer who travels worldwide and has studio locations in Cleveland, Ohio and Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has been producing remarkable images for more than 30 years and his travels take him on assignments, or personal projects capturing breathtaking vistas, people, food and native flair around  the world.

He embodies a fun, fresh lifestyle with a personality as engaging as the images he captures.

Keith is as comfortable photographing the presidents of Fortune 500 companies, as he is the men and women in remote Bhutanese villages. Whether he is working in one of his studios, or an isolated location, Keith’s dramatic images soon reveal his mastery of natural, or created light, in the formation of his works of art.

Linda Barberic is a producer that has held positions in some of Cleveland’s top Advertising Agencies and is now at Keith Berr Productions.

She produces photo shoots from resorts in the Fiji Islands to ad campaigns for TransUnion, Aldi, ADT, Verizon, AT&T, General Mills,McDonalds, Newell Rubbermaid,

Burger King, Timken Steel, Wine Spectator, you name it. If you need an elephant, molten steel pours, or a secluded beach, she coordinates it all and makes it happen seamlessly.

Her strengths don’t stop here, she also has a passion for her studies and training in yoga and has been sharing her knowledge of anatomy and yoga healing for over a decade. 

Linda also founded and operates the SomaTea Company, specializing in healing teas and tisanas, check it out at




Benefits of outsourcing are numerous. photographers don’t know is that there’s a huge financial benefit to outsourcing. Let me Explain you in detail.

f you spend an average of 6 to 8 hours per week editing your own images thats more than enough to do your portrait session and other works. You could be making a few hundred bucks to a few thousand bucks with that time. Nowadays Cost of outsourcing  very cheap. Compare that with the cost of what you’re paying an Outsourcing company per hour for the same amount of time, you’re spending.