Retouchproshop has a vision and a passion for delivering the highest quality digital retouching services, utilizing the latest technology and software. We work with our clients worldwide, on a one to one basis, providing fast, quality services, at extremely reasonable rates. Our attention to detail, prompt turn around time, value and expert quality, separates us from our competition. Need to discuss which package is best for you, or have a retouching query you need an answer for? Just fill out the Form below, or use the details provided to get in touch with us. We’ll always do our best to help. For retouching quotes; please email us with the photo attached, as it is difficult to give an accurate retouching estimate, until we have seen the image referenced. If you are ready to submit your work to us, email us your photos for retouching, remember to include instructions. For large orders we recommend using wetransfer, a quick and easy way to send large files on line. If you have regular work, we will create an FTP account for you.

Because We’ve worked with so many clients in so many different environments, you’ll barely notice us there – the occasional touch to fix a hem or request to turn slightly is all you’ll notice. This is just one way we capture the magic.



Photo Editing Services

Our office provides a variety of photography services. The services listed below are just a few of them:

Portrait Retouching

We offer photo-retouching services for photographers, magazines, models and advertising agencies. We cover all aspects of portrait retouching, including head-shots figure & facial work, print campaigns, magazine covers, photographer’s portfolios and glamour photography.

Jewellery Retouching

Our expertise on jewelry retouching, allows us to deliver high quality images in a short turnaround time (usually less than 24 hours) and we can offer discounted pricing for higher volume jobs. Contact us for a quote on your next project. We not only retouch but can also re-size, correct the color and set the proper color space for your usage on web or print.

Realestate Photo Editing

In the real estate business a good picture speaks a thousand words in creating a positive impression about the property. You can be assured, that after we work on your images, your real estate photographs will capture the attention of interested parties. Get the best quality real estate images, while saving time and cost with

Masking Images

Weddings, graduations, anniversaries; we’ve done it all! If you’re looking for an experienced group of photographers to handle your next event then look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Color Correcting Images

All images need various color corrections, this includes conversions to the proper color space and sharpening to enhance the final photograph. Color correction is one of the most important parts of the photo editing/retouching process and when specifically applied to print media, color corrections become essential in context to the process of printing. In the case of on line presentation, we work with you to best reproduce the color of your products accurately on the web.

Photo Restoration

We’ve recently extended our services to support videography. If you’re in need of having your event captured in video we’re the right people to contact. Our expertise in photography is immediately applicable to framing scenes and capturing the right depth for truly impressive sequences.

Clipping path

Clipping Path is a closed vector pathway typically illustrated with Photoshop pen tool to remove an object. Clipping paths are 100% hand drawn and your extracted images sit perfectly in their specified backdrops. 




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